Slice of Life – Momma Bear

I had trouble sleeping the other night.  It was so bad that I didn’t actually fall asleep until 3am, only to be woken up by my nerve-frying alarm at 6am.  Now, this isn’t a post to complain about my lack of sleep, but rather to get my dream out, onto the screen, so that maybe – just maybe I can forget about it!

The only thing I can actually remember about my dream is the one part that keeps haunting me. I was in some nondescript outdoor space with my two-year old son, Brady. Suddenly, a giant brown bear came for us, and it was up to me to protect my child.  The weight of fear pushes down on my stomach and anxiety pulls up through my throat each time I even think about the dream.  I just keep picturing myself on my hands and knees with Brady tucked under my body of protection – begging him not to cry so the beast wouldn’t think he was hurt and helpless pray. The bear kept pushing it’s head under me, trying to get at Brady. Just as the bear forced it’s wet nose and searing breath onto Brady’s head – I woke up.

I’m nearly shaking just typing this. Terrifying.

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13 Responses to Slice of Life – Momma Bear

  1. jackson Eicher says:

    Slice Of Life-Sports

  2. Bevan says:

    I call my momma “momma bear” and “tiger mamma” my mom did the same thing but with a horse.

  3. Anna Grace says:

    That sounds terrifying. I would have not been able to go back to sleep either if I where you.

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