Malingering Mondays/Slice of Life


Why is it that Monday mornings seem to be the most difficult day of the week to get going?  Well, I’ll tell you; it’s because the sweet taste of weekend freedom is still teasing the tongue like lazy dripping honey.  It’s slipping away slowly.  Taunting one to reach for more.

That’s how I felt this morning.  After spending a great weekend playing  outside with my two sons, it is hard to let go of that and return to work. I’ve definitely “got a case of the Mondays.”

Monday is marked by melancholy music

not drifting, silky, or sliding,

not perky or bounding in intoxicating tones,

but jerking, tugging, pulling me.

Teasing of the weekend gone and taunting about the week to come. 

Mondays call for malingering


According the the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, a slice of life is “of, relating to, or marked by the accurate transcription (as into drama) of a segment of actual life experience,” in other words “showing what ordinary life is like.” This, students, is going to be the topic for your posts every Tuesday during the month of March.

On the Two Writing Teachers blog you will see how Stacey Shubitz came up with the ‘Slice of Life’ writing challenge.  She found that one of her students had written a Slice of Life story in his journal which sparked the idea to use this format to get people writing more. 

Please look at the form I’ve created, using resources from Two Writing Teachers, along with my own additions to help you understand how we are going to do this challenge.  

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