Tiny Stories


The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume 3

Beginning in 2010, actor/artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt began asking writers to send in their tiny stories to his collaborative website hitRECord. One of the website’s contributors, Wirrow, came up with the idea of writing stories that are no more than a few lines long. These stories are then illustrated and sometimes animated by the collaborators of the site.

Artists from around the world sent in their stories and many have been published into three volumes of The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. You can see selections of tiny stories from Volume 3 on the Brain Pickings blog.

As for the actual length of a tiny story, according to Wirrow,

“It’s as long as a piece of string. A really tiny piece of string that can stretch out from your pillow to [a] forest, weaving through mountains on the way and birds perch on it and sing.”

So, here it is.  My tiny story:smoke monster

The long black tendrils of its ferocious fingers followed their familiar path – beginning the ritualistic suffocation. But something had changed. There was nothing to grip, for she had set the words free. Fear no longer had a hold on her.

Now for my students, you are going to create your own tiny story about yourself.  Use this form to get you started.

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